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tv   NBC Bay Area News at 5  NBC  February 25, 2013 5:00pm-5:30pm PST

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hostiles and his transportation without any money. >> reporter: television showed the images of the pair at a bus station. surveillance cameras reportedly pictured the couple arriving on the 26th. they have learned the cyclists may have boated a boat. >> the embassy believes they got on a boat to do a amazon cruise. >> the designated officials. >> reporter: the family set up a war room, mapping out what they uncovered. >> we are not going to get my brother home if we are not smart about this. >> reporter: what has the family wored is that kidnappers may be targeting american tourists in the peru region. >> we are asking everyone, we need your help. somebody knows where garrett is. garrett and jamie neil, they know where they are. someone is with them somewhere. so, we need them to call us. we need them to come home.
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>> i want my son to know that i love him. that we all love them. and that we want them the to come home safe and sound. >> reporter: now the family tells me that they are getting daily briefings from the embassy in peru and the embassy is getting updates from peru authorities. the money is being raised for a reward, they have raised $4,000 so far for the safe return of the couple. reporting live, i'm jodi hernandez. nbc bay area news. >> thanks, jodi t city of san jose said it's working on a plan to fix bad roads but taxpayers will are likely foot the bill. nearly quarter of the road ways are in poor condition and but 2020 every road will be in that category. city leaders are proposing a series of taxes to increase the funding for road work. it includes a quarter or half
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cent tax increase and a bond increase that will cost the average home owner $100 a year. the cliff hanging road way, has a section being renamed in honor of the late congressman. the two new mile long tunnels have safety features such as remote cameras and carbon monoxide sensors. >> here is good news, those rising gas prices may not be rising anymore. a drop in wholesale prices might stop the spike in gas prices at the pump. nationwide, we are paying an average of $.20 a gat on more than we did two weeks ago. a lot different than in the bay area, on average, people are spending an extra $30 a month due to rising prices. the flights from san jose to tokyo will be grounded through
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may. japan's air ways is working to 787 dreamliner jets that have been plagued by mechanical issues. ana has now had cancel flights. >> a little less conversation and a lot more action. that is what is needed to stop the automatic cuts called for by the sequester. the deadline is this friday. the house and senate are back session, but there's no negotiates scheduled. the president turned up the heat on republicans but it did not seem to resonate. >> these cuts do not have to happen. congress can turn them off any time with just a little bit of compromise. enough is enough. now is the time to cut spending, it can be done without jeopardizing the economy and critical services. the president needs to stop campaigning and stop trying to scare the american people. >> the white house put out a report about how the cuts impact
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each state. there are threatened cuts across the country. our nbc reporter takes a look at the effects both real and feared tonight at 6:00. >> he is changing the rules right before he leaves. pope benedict xvi, he has allowed the conclave to come together earlier than normal. they want to install the new pope before the holy week begins. that gives them to march 17th to complete the process and the process is complex. especially with the scandals surrounding the catholic church. today, one of the cardinals that will help select the new pope spoke in the bay area. >> a man of prayer, a man of faith.
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retired archbishop preparing to go to rome to choose the next pope. as he focuses on the need to the church, there are those that feel he should have a stronger stand against pedophile priests and those that protect them. >> the church needs to act in a responsible way. like any institution. just because of religion, just because they are a church, does not make them immune from reporting child abuse. >> tim lennon of snap survivors network said he was abused and raped by a priest when he was 13. he does not want father mahoney to be in the process to choose the new pope. >> for them, a sitting cardinal or a cardinal who is recently been asked to step out of any kind of public ministry, to participate in perhaps one of the most public acts that a
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cardinal can do, it's something is that i think that i can understand what people come from. it is a very difficult thing. >> but mow on honey has the support of the cardinal. >> i believe he should be in the conclave and i am glad to see he is left, look forward to seeing him there. i think his broad experience in so many issues of the church. >> they are not a friend of the church when they support abuse. >> pope benedict's last day is thursday. nbc bay area news. well, it's a struggle, losing weight after 50. simple ways to shrink a growing waist line. plus. >> i'm skod budman in pixar headquarters that brought oscar back to the bay area again, coming up, the role technology played in the best animated
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future. >> and a disturbing discovery. more on the surprising find inside ikea's popular meatballs. >> plenty of widespread sunshine today, temperatures close to 70 in san rafael, and santa rosa in 69, we will talk about a warming seven-day forecast forecast coming up. mom, i invited justin over for lunch.
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clarify when they should treat with over the counter pain relievers or plain observations. listen to these numbers, half of
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all women will have a osteoperosis related fracture in their lifetime. a u.s. taskt force that the popular practice may do nothing. instead, the best source of calcium is through your diet, milk, yogurt and leafy greens, as for vitamin d, they suggest is you eat leafy greens and get sunshine. >> vitamin d and supplements may not reduce the risk or affeldt fracture through a lifetime. >> many people think it's harder to lose weight after the age of 50. well, they are right. there are scientific reasons for it and the good news is that there's still ways to battle a bulging waste line. we share one woman's success story. >> after women turn 50, their hormones change, studies show it
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becomes harder to lose weight, because the levels of cortizone rises. >> lean muscle mass declines and the reason it's important is that muscle is then replaced by fat. >> all right, the moment of truth. >> julie watched as her weight creeped up over the years. >> i honestly thought it was impossible to lose weight. >> she finally joined the center for weight loss. she gets a personalized calorie plan and takes group classes, and learns recipes for shakes and male planes. >> how much protein you should have, what does a normal portion look like. >> tips, watch caloric beverages through beverages. >> the couple hundred calories that come from chol on a daily basis can translate to ten pounds over the year. and use male replacements, and join a group the to get support, and most important, weight
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lifting and weight baring exercise. that builds muscle. >> 30 minutes of walking a day, five days a week is sufficient to prevent certain disease states. >> jooil has been in the program for 13 weeks and has lost 27 pounds she plans to keep going. >> i feel different now. it's a big improvement. and it only gets better. >> a lady enjoys elegant pure suits. >> the movie "brave" gave the pixar an oscar and they celebrated the style. >> scott budman is joining us live with more. hey, scott. >> good evening. pixar sent crews to scotland to prepare the animation for "brave" and today to celebrate the win, they brought scotland
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here to the company's headquarters. as you can hear, complete with bagpipes and kilts, "brave" took home the award for best animated feature. >> the story is driving everything. it comes back to the story, story, story, story. so, when you have that overwhelming force that is the nature of story the technology is just supporting that. only supporting that. never going past it. and that is where that balance comes in. >> now, pixav used to the monday after oscar celebration, after all, seven in total, 5 of the last six oscars for animated feature have been brought back here. next up for pixar, "monster's university" that is due out the 21st of june. what it's like to hear your name called on oscar night and what it's like for bay area techies
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to hobknob with the hollywood elite. >> okay, scott, thank you. next year we want to see you down in hollywood on the red r carp carpet. is that a deal? >> i can do it. >> i don't know if i have a cold or allergies, but i'm not feeling good in the sunny weather. >> i would guess it's the allergies. i'm no doctor. it has been off the charts. and we will have more on that forecast coming up. but let's look at the huge temperature jump we underwent in the south bay. with all of the sunshine, you may be coughing and having watery eyes. allergy forecast has not budged. it will not get better over the next three or four days. we do not have large storms
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coming our way. so that will be a large problem for you. still plenty of sunshine. let's get a look here. temperatures backing off. 57 in novato and a slight on shore flee, 54 in san francisco and 56 in san mateo. going outside to the sky camera network on this monday. you see in san jose, you have a bit of haze. air quality in the low levels. we had a cold front move through this past weekend that helped the air quality. now we take you to emoryville, as the sunsets, it's looking magnificent across the bay. the world famous san francisco bay. right to san francisco. so here we go, we have all the storm activity continuing to divert way off to the north. it's going to ab ak and canada and washington and oregon and for us we get high pressure as we go through the next couple of days sitting just off shore. that will be good enough to get us hazy and sunny weather. we will see a few weak systems
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pass by to the north as we go through the week. it will not be big enough to trigger rainfall through thursday or friday. coast line, temperatures in the 50 not beach weather, but you can away with shorts with 60s in the forecast. temperatures in the mid 30s in santa rosa. 37 in san jose, and jackets to start and then by the afternoon on tuesday. we are going to see the numbers surge here to the south bay with 65 in san jose, 65 in los gatos, and 66 in sunnyvale is how about those in pleasanton, 66. and 68 in walnut concrete. and san rfael is expecting 69 and santa rosa 68. on your three-day forecast. high pollen, temperatures in the mid to upper 60s through
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thursday and then as we go through friday's forecast. here we go, widespread 70s inland and at the bay, and that will continue into saturday's forecast. and even in to next, well, sunday and monday. we do not have rainfall coming our way, we need it. we are starting the slide into a slight drought over the next couple of months. if we can get the rainfall, we know thousand do it here in causal. just enjoy the sunshine. it will be all good this week. >> and in the fall, we will sneeze a little more than usual. >> up next, a change at yahoo with the new ceo.
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>> the sheriff's department, hammer was arrested last thursday in dublin on charges of obstructing and resisting an
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officer, the rapper claims he was the victim of racial profiling and the first words out of the officer's mouth was quote, were you on parole or probation. a lieutenant told us, hammer became very argumentive when questioned about the vehicle. he refused to exit the vehicle when the officer asked him to and continued to argue. hammer dubbed the moment a teachable moment on twitter. >> a ceo wants the parking lot full and the employees at their desks. no more working from home. >> a memo was sent out. we want you in sunny isravale, a mandate right from the ceo. it's ruffling feathers from working moms and dads who have enjoy today flexibility of working from home. >> if you think you have been getting more robo calls than usual. you are not alone.
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the ftc has seen a spike in calls in the last 18 moss. they are coming from area codes across the country and they are illegal. the national do not call list seems to be no protection against the robo calls, what can you do? just hang up, even if the company gives you an option of being taken off. they sell your information to the next company who want to know which numbers work. check this out. a speeding driver failed to negotiate a curve, went airborne and land odd the roof of a home. the crash triggered the home owner's alarm system. she thought someone was breaking into the house. >> when we return, could it be a trade for the 49ers? stay with us.
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>> could be a bold new chapter. they could say audios to alex. they have worked out a deal to reportedly trade alex. it cannot be officially announced until the league's season begins. the niners cannot confirm or deny the report right now. it's believed the trade is with the kansas chiefs. so like many moons ago when the 49ers traded joe montana to kansas city in the early '90s. if it appears it will be a long era. >> still support him no matter where he goes. >> okay, thank you for joining us. we will see you at 6:00, good noit.
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secondhand smoke affects everyone's health. it's not just irritating. it can cause heart disease and even death. speak up about secondhand smoke. your health and the health of your family depend on it.
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on our broadcast tonight, a moment of crisis for the catholic church hit by a wave of scandals, just as the leaders must gather to select a new pope. while speculation swirls around the pope himself about what might be the real reasons for stepping down. don't leave home. that's what a lot of folks are being told tonight as a dangerous blizzard makes its way across the country. a massive system shaping up to be another record-breaker. watch and wait. this is going to become -- ear this is going to be controversial among parents. the new guidelines from doctors regarding how we should treat our kids' ear infections. and a wild night in hollywood. while the oscar ratings were up, a lot of people went to bed
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wondering exactly what it was they just saw. "nightly news" begins now. from nbc news world headquarters in new york, this is "nbc nightly news" with brian williams. good evening. we are nearing the time when cardinals gather at the vatican and the 1 billion-plus catholics around the world await a puff of white smoke from the chimney, announcing the election of a new pope. the problem for the catholic church is the drumbeat of scandal is now growing so loud and so vast, it's taking a lot of attention from this process. and it's actually affecting the number of church leaders who will come to rome and cast a vote. the top catholic leader in great britain has resigned. the top catholic leader in los angeles has been publicly humiliated. and the pope himself is now at the center of swirling rumors and press reports while on his


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